Big Daves Nutritional Advice

Healthy Eating & Juicing 

It is important for us all that we eat healthy and maintain a good body shape which will not only boost the immune system to fight illness but will aid mental thought processing. 

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The Health Benefits Of Bananas 

The unique mix of vitamins, minerals and carbohydrates in bananas has made them a favourite see more...

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The Health Benefits of Juicing

To supplement your diet drinking juice can offer superior nutritional and health benefits see more...

Big Daves Healthy Eating Tips

Big Dave is bringing you some of his favourite healthy eating tips  

Nutrition & Healthy Eating 


£ Pound For lb

This will inform you of Big Daves own nutritional intake and how he is able to maximise his calories, his carbs and his body mass index to ensure he gets the maximum energy levels that has enables him to achive his 26 amazing world records.