Proud To Be An Ambassador For Birmingham   #SU4Brum

Welcome To My Website. I am passionate about my home city and the people who live and work in the community. My work is shown below and the impact that I am able to bring and very proud to be appointed an Ambassador For Birmingham.

The Below Is An Insight To Some Of My Campaigns and My Engagement In The Community And My Work As An Ambassador For Birmingham  Helping Local Businesses And The People To Rebuild and Make Birmingham Great! #SU4Brum

The Strength Of Birmingham

BIG DAVE    Mar 25, 2021
See More About My Anti Street Crime Work

My SLAMH Work & Anti Bullying Early Intervention Work has now been Embedded into Schools, Pupil Referral Units, Young Offenders, The Probation Service and The Prison Service. As these programmes are all about Building Safe Positive Relationships and Bringing Communities Together. 

BIG DAVE    MAR 25, 2021
Proud To Be The Phoenix Newspaper Ambassador. See my monthly feature article in the Phoenix News.

BIG DAVE    MAR 25, 2021
Dave was the first man called in to HMP Birmingham to help communicate with violent and 'unreachable' inmates after the trouble in December 2016.
"Within ten minutes of walking into the gym, I got every single one of them eating out of my hands, just by showing them one exercise."

BIG DAVE     MAR 25, 2021
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Find out how you can get your own BDB badge and  become a Champion Against Bullying. 
BIG DAVE     MAR 25, 2021
Big Dave's Character engages with children of all ages and has presented to over 1 million school children on his anti-bullying campaign. 

My Name Is Dave Gauder Aka Big Dave And This Is My Story 

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More About My Work & Strength Feats

Big Dave   Mar 26,2021
Big Dave Is Committed To Building Safe Positive Relationships And To Embed A Culture Of Respect And Compassion Far And Wide
Big Dave    Mar 26,2021
Big Dave Holder of 26 Guiness World Record Entries Achieved Throughout His Career
Big Dave    Mar 26,2021
Big Dave Has Presented To Over One Million Young People Around The UK 

Big Dave Does A Lot Of Work Out And About In The Community

Being born a Brummie and hailing from Sparkhill, Sparkbrook.  I am delighted and proud of my connection with my home city.
Big Dave Says Take Pride In Birmingham

Birmingham has a such a diverse population and we need to come together. 

Big Dave Says Respect Each Other 

Big Dave supports HM Prisons & Probation Service 

Big Dave Attends Local Schools & HMP

Big Dave works with local Schools, Special Needs and Pupil Referral Units. 

Big Dave Is Proud To Be Associated 

These businesses help to support Big Dave's work in various ways

UK Job

There to help people find jobs across the UK as well as providing support servics.


Big Daves Marketing for businesses who need  affordable  marketing. 

The Phoenix Newspaper

Simply the best positive & diverse newspaper you will find online & offline.

 Big Dave Works  With Companies 

Local companies can engage through Corporate Social Responsibility Programs benefiting the Community and the people of Brum  
Big Dave Presents 

Big Dave presented the Protector Pots to help to bring harmony as part of a larger presentation. 

Big Dave Protector Pot

The key message was to show them how to grow their own future through nuturing and respecting. 

Pan Technologies 

Designed and Created the Big Dave Protector Pots that are delivered to local schools.

Big Dave Works With Schools, Colleges & Education Authorities

Big Dave has spent many years presenting in his unique style, his Anti-Bullying Program and passed over 1 Million attendees. Now this has been adapted to meet the needs of today for schools and its pupils. 
The Bullying & Street Crime Harassment Education Program 
BASCHE is available for schools and is a combination of Personal attendance and online digital support. Big Dave is now taking bookings and schools and education aurthories  are encouraged to contact him.

The BASCHE  Program covers Bullying and offers guidance and learning 


The BASCHE Program covers Street Crime and the dangers of carrying a knife


The BASCHE Program covers Grooming & Sexual & Unwanted Attention for all 

Business Sponsors Packages Available For 2021

I am seeking business partners who would like to grow their business and engagement. I also have access to my own Digital Marketing Agency  and Sponsors will be able to benefit from this also. I can also help companies who are looking for Import and Export opportunities across the Commonwealth and businesses who want to market ahead of the Commonwealth Games 2022.


Unique Opportunities Await

To enable my work to continue I am looking for suitable business partners who would like to benefit from my considerable network opportunites for market exposure. If you want to reach mass consumers for your products or services and are looking for new markets, then you really should contact Big Dave.   



The Phoenix Newspaper 

I am an Ambassador for Birmingham and for The Phoenix Newspaper 

Big Dave Is On A Mission To Help 

The below are all different ways to help everyone in various ways and these sites are designed to offer support, guidance and tips to help us.

  • Healthy Cooking 

    Focused on cooking and eating healhy food to help boost the immune system and keep the weight off. 

  • Fitness & Exercise

    Focused on keeping in shape and keeping the weight off and building body strength.

  • Store Discounts 

    Focused on saving the family money when they shop online with discounts and sales offers aplenty. 

Contact Big Dave 

Helping Businesses & The Community

If you think I can help your business or your school with their Harassment Education to pupils and staff as well as to employees, then I would be pleased to discuss this further. I am available for Personal Appearances.

I am looking for business sponsors to help me to be able to continue to deliver my work in the Community and I can offer a lot of value to company CSR Programs. 

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