My Work On Anti Street Crime

My Work On Anti Street Crime

I have now presented to over 1 million Young People and Children who have received presentations around issues imposing on their lives on a daily basis and the consequences this brings. 

My SLAMH Work & Anti Bullying Early Intervention Work has now been Embedded into Schools, Pupil Referral Units, Young Offenders, The Probation Service and The Prison Service. As these programmes are all about Building Safe Positive Relationships and Bringing Communities Together. 

I am also available to work with suitable Businesses and Organisations and through my CIC, I deliver top rated work as my track record of working with large companies and organisations would confirm. I have worked previously with Blue Chip companies,  British Telecom, Network Rail, LandRover and many more businesses, as well as with Police and Education Authorities across the UK on various Campaigns as well as with Home Office and MOD National Campaigns. See more..

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